A little reflection on my day…

It started at 530am when my first little girl I babysit came. While she took a little nap I worked on the little lovey blanket I’m doing for a facebook fan. The colors are white, red, & gray. It is turning out very lovely and It will have a bear on it.

At 645am my next kiddos came. We played trains, watched Harry the Bunny and Frozen and then before you knew it. .. It was time for lunch!
For lunch the kiddos had beffaroni and peaches while I enjoyed salsa and chips. The salsa I made in the crock pot yesterday. I was worried as I tried it right after putting in the cilantro that it was not going to taste good. I’d never tried cilantro before and I didn’t care for the smell at all! Lol
So. ..I gave it a try today and it sure did taste good -much to my surprise! I ate it like crazy. Lol

After lunch is naptime. While the young children napped my older kiddo I babysit played Mario on the Wii. Then we sat outside for a bit enjoying watching the hummingbirds and feeling the soft breeze. It really was a beautiful day today!
After the baby left we went to the library. I love when kids love to read and pick out books. And after we got home the other kiddos left and I began supper preparations.
I made grilled chicken, a mixed veggies with corn,green beans, fresh yellow squash, and zucchini with tons of butter. With blueberry muffins for dessert. And just as I was finishing my honey got home! I have to say that him walking through that door is my favorite part of my day! After supper we relaxed and watched a dvd of Downton Abbey. We do so love that show!! And while we watch I crocheted. And now we are ready to go climb into bed. So I bid y’all goodnight!!!


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