Working out

So after I began working from home babysitting I had gained weight back., and I was not happy with myself at all.   My weight loss journey started in 2002 and I had lost 73 pounds. I had gained about 15 back. So I had to make a few drastic changes.  And about 2 -3 months ago I joined our community center and go to the fitness room to work out. Usually I get 4 workouts sometimes 5 in a week.  Plus I have downloaded an app to watch how much I’m eating.   The good news is that at first I gained a little more weight before starting to lose.  And I started to go in panic mode wondering what on earth I was doing wrong. But after measuring I am losing in inches also.   That made me happy. And this morning?? How’s 3 pounds lost this week? Yay!!!
I wish I had a workout partner cause then your weight loss journey is a little easier, but it helps when I go the same time each day and the same people are working out, making it feel as if I do have workout partners and it sure helps me keep going!
And also I’ve been walking my dog one or twice a day as long as it’s not raining hard here.   I’m going to post a photo of when I first started working out in 2002.  I’m the one in the navy dress and then a photo of me recently.  




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