Sunday morning

Good morning y’all.  Yesterday made such a happy day for me. We got our marriage licence!  In 6 days i marry my soul mate!  

Hope y’all have a great day!   Remember to thank God for all his blessings! 

Good morning y’all!

A few crafts off the hook  available to order! !

I love this time of year because of fall and my craft orders start picking up.  
Here’s a few you can order. ..


Chuckles the snuggle penguin $10


Baby cocoon set $30



Gray, red, and white set  $20

If you see anything you want to order just let me know. More of my items are on

Have a great day y’all! !

Beach Photos

So since we have switched to flip phones I dont have the internet access that I previously had, so that would explain my absence from my blog.  I will be posting as I can.  You see we have been in the process of buying a mini farm and so we needed to downsize everything we can to save money.  Plus to be very honest….this being away from internet and social media has been so freeing.  I dont feel hooked on my phone.  Im getting way more crafts completed and getting back to reading from my actual Bible and not the app and also getting back into reading my Amish books and all those kind of books like I used to.   But I will still be posting periodically as I can, because I like to write.  lol and share the photos I take showing off God’s beautiful world He has created.  412 496 519 590 633.NEF 771 740 805.NEF 806 807