Busy days in our house

I’m sorry i haven’t posted much lately.  With a new baby and all we have going on I haven’t been on here much.  

  • Baby boy is 4 months old.  He loves chewing on his fingers, playing  with his piggy toes, he is starting to eat cereal and finally  loves tummy time !  He’s rolled over from tummy to back 3 times. He coos and giggles. I love his little laugh so much!

On our little farm when our  baby  was a month old, our mama goat “Sassy” gave birth to “Little  bit”(a baby girl). Little  Bit likes to climb trees and get on the back of our pony. Lol

This year is flying by so fast is hard to keep up.  Lol 

Hope everyone has  a  great 4th of  July !