Working out

So after I began working from home babysitting I had gained weight back., and I was not happy with myself at all.   My weight loss journey started in 2002 and I had lost 73 pounds. I had gained about 15 back. So I had to make a few drastic changes.  And about 2 -3 months ago I joined our community center and go to the fitness room to work out. Usually I get 4 workouts sometimes 5 in a week.  Plus I have downloaded an app to watch how much I’m eating.   The good news is that at first I gained a little more weight before starting to lose.  And I started to go in panic mode wondering what on earth I was doing wrong. But after measuring I am losing in inches also.   That made me happy. And this morning?? How’s 3 pounds lost this week? Yay!!!
I wish I had a workout partner cause then your weight loss journey is a little easier, but it helps when I go the same time each day and the same people are working out, making it feel as if I do have workout partners and it sure helps me keep going!
And also I’ve been walking my dog one or twice a day as long as it’s not raining hard here.   I’m going to post a photo of when I first started working out in 2002.  I’m the one in the navy dress and then a photo of me recently.  



Fruit flavored waters

Well. .. I’ve done fruit flavored water in the past but never in a mason jar which I read is healthier and you can taste the flavor better and there is no bpa. I tried it today with blueberries, BlackBerries, and a little lemon juice. Boy did it taste awesome! And that’s all I drank today was flavored water and I felt like I had more energy. Tonight I made grapefruit, blueberry, with a little ginger. I will see how well I like it. I’d way rather be drinking fruit flavored water than junk stuff. And I like water plain so much as long as it’s real cold but  putting the fruit in it just makes it so much better. Anything to help keep me healthy!!
Have a good night y’all !!

Fun times in the kitchen

I had a baking moment kinda day today.
Had potato soup in the crockpot. I think it was the brand bear creek. And then I made homemade dinner rolls for our supper. While those were rising I made zucchini bread for my honey to sell for me at his work and whatever he had left I’ll freeze and just get out and warm them as I need them for breakfast or snacks for daycare kiddos.
Also I did an experiment and made frozen yogurt bites, dried bananasimage

and dried yogurt in the oven. I have to say I loved the frozen yogurt best and the kids did too. They call it ice cream. Lol but on a good good note… the frozen yogurt bits really helped kill my sweet tooth. Every time I wanted to eat something sweet I’d pop one in my mouth and it took the want for bad stuff away! I’ve been doing so good on keeping up with exercising that I hate it when I give in to craving for something sweet.
Hope y’all had an awesome day and I’m ready to hit the hay!